4.4 -Vedamanantamu (వేదమనంతము): On the “infiniteness” of Veda

In this gripping essay, Sri Rayalu Vishwanadha  attempts to explain why he thinks it is impossible to understand the Veda in toto, because of the inherent vastness that manifests as one begins the study of Veda. Vaster than the exploration of the visible universe, exploration into this “audio mirror of the universe” can be just as exciting, engaging  and elevating, and infinite are the paths available to the student – no matter which angle he attempts to understand it from.

This (infiniteness) is also evident from the importance attributed to various “prakRti” and “vikRti” paathas of the Veda by the classical Indian bhaashyakaaras (interpreters), and the amount of technical jargon they have created in an attempt to specify and describe their observations of transformations of the Vedic akshara between the above-mentioned paathas.

This is the fourth article of the fourth book.

Click on the link below to download the article in PDF format.


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