3.9 – Vedabhaashaaksharamulu (వేదభాషాక్షరములు)- On Aksharas of the Vedic Language

In this interesting article on the language of Vedas, Sri Rayalu Vishwanadha has provided an insight into how the language of Vedas is unique and different from the other languages we use in our world. With every Akshara having its own meaning and supremely significant, Vedic language is like no other. He further shows how the Vedic aksharas are organized and how Vedas make efficient use of our vocal apparatus to make us know the interplay of the various forces that make us and govern this universe.

In this article, he has illustrated through several examples how various Vedic  words and mantras, otherwise sounding insipid and out-of-context  and sometimes even  atrocious when given “Sanskrit” meanings, immediately become stimulating, pregnant with meaning and elevating when interpreted from the Vedic Akshara perspective.

This is the ninth article of the third book. Click on the link below to download the article in PDF format.


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