3.7 – Kalpamu-3 (కల్పము – 3): On Kalpa Sastra, Part 2

In this second part of the two-part article by Sri Rayalu Vishwanadha, he continues his discussion on Kalpa Sastra. Taking as an example a mantra from  the popular “Mantra Pushpam” (part of Taittiriya Aranyaka , 22nd Anuvaka), he has interpreted this mantra from the Vedic Akshara view, and described how various Vedic scholars have provided different meanings to words or sabdas of this mantra and explained how they are all appropriate from the Vedic Akshara standpoint. These articles on Kalpa Sastra also give an insight to how various devatas in the Vedas could have been given a form by the great Rishis of Ancient India.

This is the seventh article of the third book. Click on the link below to download the article in PDF format.

3.7. KALPAMU-2

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