2.2 – Vedaswarupa prayojanam(వేదస్వరూప ప్రయోజనము): Significance and benefit of the study of Veda

In this interesting essay, Sri Rayalu Vishwanadha has used his method of interpretation of the Vedas – the “Akshara Drishti” or attributing a unique meaning to every Akshara of the Vedas to give a form to the Vedas. Vedas, being an audio mirror of the human being (and of hence of the universe both within and without), are the only means available to understand ourselves.

Aksharas are a part of us – the ability to utter them, and to listen to the aksharas uttered and to ponder on the meaning of them. The Universal Intelligence – the Brahman is a part of us, and is expressing in the form of akshara.  Vedas are a mass of aksharas, which are organized and combined to make known to us the presence and the way to attain the cause of all this creation – the Brahman.  This is the ultimate benefit that we can gain by a study and contemplation of the Vedas. The process through which this can be gained is called by the Veda “Svaadhyaaya”.

This is the second article of the second book. Click on the link below to download the article in PDF format.


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