1.13 – Satyakaamuni Katha(సత్యకాముని కథ): The story of Satyakaama Jaabaali

This interesting article is an interpretation and significance of the story of Satyakaama Jaabaala from Chandogyopanishad in Samaveda. Composed in Telugu by Sri Rayalu Vishwanadha, he explains how this story emphasizes and illuminates the following aspects:

  • The true form of “maatru” devata
  • The duties a woman has to perform before she takes up the seat of “maatru” devata
  • The relationship between the three (gross, subtle and causal) forms or bodies of mother and child
  • The true form of “satya”, and how satya is the first step for attaining “Brahma Vidya”
  • The true form of “gotra”

This is the thirteenth article of the first book. Click on the link below to download the article in PDF format.


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