1.10 – Yajurvedamulu(యజుర్వేదములు): The Yajurvedas

This is an essay on “Yajurvedas” written in Telugu by Sri Rayalu Vishwanadha. As is known to the discerning reader, there are two Yajurvedas, the Shukla or the so-called “White” Yajurveda and the Krishna or the so-called “Black” Yajurveda. In this exposition, he has shown how there HAVE to be two Yajurvedas and that they are not mere recensions or schools of study forked from a single Yajurveda some point of time. Each Yajurveda is equally significant and the Veda is not complete without any of the two. He also seeks to denounce in this article the inane meanings “White” and “Black” attributed to the Vedic words “Shukla” and “Krishna” which in themselves are separate subjects deserving a detailed study. This is the tenth article of the first book.

Click on the link below to download the article in PDF format.


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